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How UniDosh will help you make some easy money

Joseph Black, co-founder of UniDosh, details how this easy-to-use app will ease those money blues

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Digital Skills Festival returns to Manchester

The four-day event, which showcases and strengthens talent within the North’s tech industries, will be held in Manchester this week

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Pharmaceutical company to bring 800 jobs to Manchester

German pharmaceutical company, Qiagen, are planning to cooperate with Manchester University, the NHS Trust, and the UK government

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High salaries not key to retaining graduates, survey suggests

According to students and recent graduates, pay-rate is not as important as training and potential for promotion

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Proofreading companies: right words, wrong idea

T. S. Eliot examines proof-reading companies: are they killing the skill of writing a good essay?

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How to nail a job interview in 2017

Debut CEO Charlie Taylor gives The Mancunion his best job interview tips for new graduates

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Dress to impress

Got those ‘almost there’ graduate blues? Or simply hunting for an extra bit of pocket money? Fear not, as Rebecca Thomas gives you a rundown of what to wear for every type of interview

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To heel or not to heel?

Got your interview and office attire down to a tee but struggling to make that all important shoe decision? Sophie Soar offers her foot-friendly advice

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10 reasons why the gender pay gap matters to you

What you should know about the gender pay gap and why it’s a bigger problem than you might think…

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That’s your (Job) Lot

Alice Williams whinges about the student body’s job prospects, or lack thereof

careers service

UoM Careers Service: A critique

An anonymous insider puts the Careers Service through their paces

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Cash or No Cash?

Could you handle a student job?