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Review: Murder on the Orient Express

It was Miss Scarlet with the candlestick in the conservatory

Still from Raise the Red Lantern. Photo: Orion Classics

Top 5: Films with a limited colour palette

Films with a limited colour palette often employ colours to portray a certain mood or to distinguish different worlds. These films excel at this craft.

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Review: Black Mass

Black Mass is a derivative and unexceptional gangster flick that is elevated by strong performances from Johnny Depp and Joel Edgerton

Photo: Universal Pictures

Feature: The American Dreamer

Tom Bruce reviews the authenticity of various on-screen representations of journalist Hunter S. Thompson, comparing them with the books and with the man himself

Photo: Walt Disney Pictures

Review: Into the Woods

Isabelle Bowen says that Into the Woods will give fans of movie musicals what they want, even though it lacks perfection


Preview: Transcendence

Sarah looks ahead to the directorial début of noted cinematographer of The Dark Knight trilogy, Wally Pfister

... a feeling I shared during this summer of disappointments

Summer 2013: A Review

Robbie examines the highs, the lows and the even lower lows of Summer 2013

Leo and Kate create movie magic Photo: 20th Century Fox

Top 5: Recurring film couples

This week we countdown acting duos that deliver movie magic time and time again

Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom in 'Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl'

A Year In Film: 2003

2003 may well have been a year of upheaval, but it was a cracking year for film!