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A defence of irony

Elliott Mills witters on for far too long; omnipresent voice Elliot Mills brings us back to a straightened-out meaning of meaning

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The feminist fashion journalist

In light of the Women in Media conference last week, Deputy Fashion and Beauty Editor Sophie Soar presents her favourite woman in the media and her apt ability to combine fashion and feminism

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READ THIS: Pewdiepie and clickbait

As clickbait, personal attacks, and other false reporting flood online journalism, media outlets are becoming increasingly dangerous, writes Joseph Whitfield

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Final year fear: get involved in student media

If you’re in your final year and struggling to get relevant work experience, why not try getting involved in student media?

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A post-Trump journalistic meltdown

Being a good journalist is a difficult task in light of recent events, and it can sometimes be easier to stay angry than to express it with words

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Interview: Louise Court

Beauty Editor Millie Kershaw chats with Hearst Magazines aficionado and former Cosmopolitan Editor Louise Court about all things fashion journalism

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Women in Media Conference

On the weekend preceding International Women’s Day 2016, the Manchester Media Group are hosting our inaugural Women In Media Conference - A Viewing Gallery in Kuala Lumpur

Why we should restrict offensive speculative journalism

Lauren Wills discusses the media’s role in the aftermath of important world events, and whether they have the right to report things that they simply don’t know

The News of the World closed because of the huge number of allegations claimed against it. Could proper press regulation have allowed such a disaster? Photo: gravity_grave @Flickr

Should we increase regulation of the press?

Thomas McEvilly and Lauren Wills debate the issue of press regulation, weighing up the need for freedom of expression, a transparent media, and ethical journalism

Sopel warns against the Disneyfication of War. PHOTO: WikiMedia Commons

Interview: BBC reporter Jon Sopel

Haider Saleem catches up with BBC World Service journalist Jon Sopel on the difficulties of covering war zones

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Career Corner: Dan Poole

The place where former Manchester students report back from the ‘real world.’ This week, we chat to journalist Dan Poole.

Fleet Street Fox

‘We don’t like phone hackers either’

The Fleet Street Fox, aka Susie Boniface, opens up about life as a tabloid journalist