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The best way to counter PC culture is to speak your mind

Newspaper bans on campus is a minor issue. Free speech advocates ought to focus their attention on more worthwhile causes

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Universities criticised for censoring freedom of speech

Julie Bindel has spoken out against the dangers of censorship which occurs at universities, with the University of Manchester being ranked by a survey as one of the worst offenders

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Safe space is open for debate

Coby Tunnicliffe argues that the safe space policy does not keep us safe but hinders intellectual debate and discussion

After Bindel's banning, further developments have led to the Union banning Yiannopoulos too. Photo: piku @Flickr

Update: Yiannopoulos also banned from censorship event

After barring Julie Bindel from a debate on censorship planned for mid-October, the Students’ Union have now told Milo Yiannopoulos that he is also prohibited from attending

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“Transphobe” Julie Bindel banned from Free Speech debate

Bindel and Milo Yiannapoulos were invited to a debate titled “From liberation to censorship: Does modern feminism have a problem with free speech?”

Writer Julie Bindel said she is not deterred from returning to University of Manchester despite the opposition she received from students  Photo: courtesy of Julie Bindel

Speaker quits porn debate after rape and death threats

Debate causes controversy, with backlash from students and planned protests