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Fallowfield sees worst local election turnout in Manchester

Only 17 per cent of Fallowfield turned out to vote in Manchester’s local elections today, making it the ward with the lowest turnout in the whole city

Photo: Manchester Labour Students / Twitter / The Mancunion

Manchester Labour Students introduce anti-Semitism training

SU Wellbeing Officer Saqib Mahmood welcomed the move and encouraged other societies to follow suit

Photo: Manchester Labour Students

The toxicity of student politics

Ex-Co Chair of Manchester Labour Students, Ally Routledge, details the scenery of her journey through student politics

Jeremy Corbyn may be considering two Manchester MPs as his successor. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Labour tests two Manchester MPs as Corbyn successors

Two Greater Manchester MPs are possibly being considered as the next leader of the Labour Party, polling in Manchester suggests

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Manchester Labour Students in disarray

Following the publication of ‘Manchester Labour Students move left’ to unofficial Momentum magazine The Clarion, yet more divisions begin to reveal themselves within MLS

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Can Labour sell ‘21st Century Socialism’?

As Jeremy Corbyn remains triumphant as Labour leader, Barney Weston ponders why socialism is such a dirty word

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The Labour Party and racism

Following the Mancunion’s investigation into racism within the party, Jessica Chow-Lau argues there is more work to be done

Students from Manchester joined protestors in London for an anti-Trident demonstration. Photo: The Mancunion

Manchester students part of “largest anti-nuclear demonstration for a generation”

Manchester students travelled to London to join the largest anti-nuclear demonstration in a generation against the renewal of Trident

Former Manchester Labour Students co-chair Mo Ahmed. Photo: Facebook

Manchester Labour Students co-chair quits amid ‘institutional racism’ and ‘leak’ allegations

Mo Ahmed, co-chair of Manchester Labour Students, resigned whilst attending the party’s youth conference owing to allegations directed at him regarding leaks and institutional racism at the conference

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Traitors in our midst

Colm Lock takes his scalpel to Jeremy Corbyn’s frontbench

Co-Chair of OULC resigns over claims that members have 'problem with jews'. Photo: Facebook

Oxford Labour Co-Chair quits over factional splits & “poisonous” attitudes

Alex Chalmers, Co-Chair of OULC, has resigned after a decision was made to endorse Israeli Apartheid Week, an annual series of university lectures and rallies against the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza

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Jeremy Corbyn’s omnishambles

First there was George Osborne’s omni-shambles, but now the tables have turned and the new Leader of the Opposition is having one of his very own