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Exclusive: landlord blacklist group closes due to legal threat

Students were able to use the group to give landlords a one to five star rating and contained a ‘landlord blacklist’ with a list of those who received bad reviews

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Fining street sexual harassment is not a bad idea

Street-harassment should be treated just like any other criminal activity

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Lemn Sissay launches university scheme to boost number of black males in legal sector

“These are radical times”, The University of Manchester is a “radical university” and “radical is about access”, argues University Chancellor as he launches the Lemn Sissay Bursaries

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Top universities discriminate against A-Level subjects typically chosen by poorer students

On the eve of A-level results day, a study finds that some A-Level choices are keeping poorer students out of elite universities

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The taboo around tattoos and piercings at work

Deputy Lifestyle Editor Araddhna Patel talks about the increasing popularity of tattoos and piercings, and how this effects employees at work

Japanese university departments face unprecedented cuts and closures. Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Japanese government cuts swathes of university departments

A Japanese minister has called for universities to teach subjects that “better meet society’s needs,” resulting in institutions closing or severely cutting humanities, social science and law departments

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How to get away with murder

With us humans–us feeble, naïve, easily swayed humans–using the right language can really change everything. The case hasn’t changed much since the beginning of time:…

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One death is a tragedy, 173 deaths is a statistic

The glorification of violence and killing on the battle field is as abhorrent and disgraceful as celebrating it anywhere else

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Trial by Twitter is harmful to justice

Christopher James argues the time has come to reconsider our social media ethics

The University, which makes over £200,000 a year on library fines alone, said they will "decide in due course" whether to change this "unfair" rule. Photo: Mike Kyle

Withholding graduation due to library fines “breach of consumer law”

The University, which makes over £200,000 a year from library fines alone, has been warned to change its rules and allow students to graduate even with ‘non-academic debt’

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Britain doesn’t need a lower age of consent

A blunt message from Downing Street this week was communicated to Britain’s leading public health expert (and the public at large) that the current age of consent for sex in the UK is 16, and “there are no plans to change it”. Is this the right attitude to take?


MAC: We trusted you

Keir Forde exposes favorite cosmetics manufacturer, where there really is no beauty without bunnies.