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Top 5: Directors DiCaprio should work with next

With the pressure of winning an Oscar lifted, here are some directors that he has yet to collaborate with, who could showcase a different side to the actor

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Feature: Should this really be DiCaprio’s year?

Almost every Oscar prognosticator is saying that Leonardo DiCaprio winning an Oscar this year is a near-sure thing—but, the question is, does he deserve it?

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The Week in Film (8-12 Feb 16)

Find out what happens in the world of cinema with all the wacky and important film news in one article

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Review: The Revenant

The Revenant is a revenge tale that features an astonishingly committed performance from Leonardo DiCaprio and masterful direction from Alejandro Iñárritu

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The Oscar that cried wolf

Don’ t be sore Leo-sers—Andriana Hambi questions whether he deserves an Oscar.

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The Moral Responsibility of Film

Nik McNally says we don’t need movies to teach us ethics.


Oscars 2014 Predictions: Best Actor

Robbie Davidson discusses the bumper crop of acting talent this year


Review: The Wolf of Wall Street

Robbie reviews the controversial real-life tale of Jordan Belfort


Preview: The Wolf of Wall Street

Jack Evans looks ahead to the much-anticpated return of the Scorcese-DiCaprio duo

Jim Carey played the sinister Count Olaf in 2004' a Series of Unfortunate Events Photo: Nickelodeon Movies

Year In Film: 2004

Parizad Manghi tells us why 2004 produced a bumper crop of films

Di Caprio reunites with Luhrman for this epic Photo: The Great Gatsby, Village Roadshow Pictures

“Gatsby? What Gatsby?”

Cannes prepares to spend the summer under the red white and blue

Leo and Kate create movie magic Photo: 20th Century Fox

Top 5: Recurring film couples

This week we countdown acting duos that deliver movie magic time and time again