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Preview: Manchester Literature Festival 2017

The Books Editor’s top picks from the forthcoming Manchester Literature Festival

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Five must see places in Manchester for its bookworms

Some of the best spots to bury your head in the pages

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Diary of a procrastinator

Eva’s productive diary: Because there’s clearly so many more important things to do than my essay

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Overheard at the University of Manchester, May 2015

The funniest things you’ve been saying around campus this month

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Overheard: Election Special

The best things you’ve been saying about the upcoming General Election

Fallowfield Bus Stop. Screenshot: Google Maps

Overheard at the University of Manchester, April 2015

The funniest things you’ve been saying around campus this month

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Chaos to Order: Manchester’s Central Library

Leonie Dunn looks to Library Live’s last event that aimed to smash down cultural presumptions and inhibitions surrounding Manchester’s Central Library

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Fifty Shades of Fallowfield Episode IV: A New Grope

The ever-popular student erotica series returns with a new fresher, and new shocking stories. You’ll never ride a Magic Bus the same way again

The University, which makes over £200,000 a year on library fines alone, said they will "decide in due course" whether to change this "unfair" rule. Photo: Mike Kyle

Withholding graduation due to library fines “breach of consumer law”

The University, which makes over £200,000 a year from library fines alone, has been warned to change its rules and allow students to graduate even with ‘non-academic debt’

Is this your standard revising fayre?

The revising student’s day on a plate

Victor Croci confesses all with this food diary of a stressed student

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Students in Manchester shouldn’t be living in fear

Manchester recently topped a poll of most dangerous places for students to live. Following a spate of attacks, Emily Thomas discusses how safe students really are living and working in manchester

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The Working Class Movement Library

Annie Muir’s finds some stirring stuff in Salford’s Working Class Movement Library