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A summer of art in Manchester

With summer on the way find out what Manchester’s galleries have got in store

Photo: Isabel Oldman

Review: Strange and Familiar: Britain as Revealed by International Photographers

Manchester Art Gallery displays a fascinating insight into international views of British life

Photo: The Mancunion

Vogue 100: A century of style review

Fashion and Beauty Editor Sarah Kilcourse takes a trip to Mosely Street, to explore the Manchester Art Gallery exhibition Vogue 100: A Century of Style

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Welcome to Manchester’s Art Scene

A round up of the finest art hubs Manchester has to offer

Detail from Pat Flynn's Healer. Photo: Manchester Art Gallery

Review: Pat Flynn: Half-life of a Miracle

Follow Pat Flynn’s yellow brick road of pop culture, fiction and digital illusion at Manchester Art Gallery

Photo: Manchester Art Gallery

Review: Absent Presence at Manchester Art Gallery

How can a subject be present in an artwork yet absent at the same time?

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The Sensory War: 1914 – 2014

The Manchester Art Gallery opens its doors to a new exhibition celebrating the centenary of WW1

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What’s On This Month?

Your guide to what’s happening in the city this month

Venue Guide: Destination Art

These five venues make up Manchesters’ most famous, and rightly so, between them housing world-class classical, contemporary and performance art

Raqib Shaw, After George Stubbs' Cheetah and Stag, 2013.

Raqip Shaw at the Manchester Art Gallery

Raqib Shaw conjures up a fantastical world in which the beautiful and the grotesque collide, but somehow misses the mark, says Esmé Clifford Astbury

The Manchester Art Gallery is hosting the 'Focal Points' exhibtion. Photo: Joe Sandler Clarke

Review: Focal Points

Focal Points: a collaborative exhibition exploring the debt of contemporary photographers to traditional artistic themes


Under That Cloud

For an exhibition born out of long waits in departure lounges, Under That Cloud is refreshingly packed with diverse ideas and a spectrum of emotional…