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Baroness Deech’s claims that UoM is a ‘no-go’ for Jewish Students criticised

UJS and Manchester J-Soc have dismissed Baroness Deech’s claims that Jewish Students are unlikely to attend Manchester University due to anti-Semitism within the student body

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The triggering: safe spaces are eroding our freedoms

In university campuses across Canada, the United States and Britain is an evil that is triumphing against our freedom. It has led to the erosion…

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Racial slur written on student’s campaign poster

A prospective BME officer’s posters were discovered with racial slurs written on them in the run up to the student officer elections

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New security incites feelings of unease amongst Fallowfield students

Despite Manchester’s universities’ claims that monitoring students’ behaviour in Fallowfield will improve local relations, students have expressed their displeasure at the treatment

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Margaret Thatcher decapitated at Welcome Fair

Thatcher was beheaded by revolutionary socialists at today’s Welcome Fair

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An ivory tower flying a red flag

Colm Lock takes aim at the Students’ Union and states that it facilitates far too much waste and is not representing the student body

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Investigation shows Manchester receives enormous funding from fossil fuel giants

According to an investigation by Greenpeace, the University of Manchester has taken £27.7 million in funds from large fossil fuel companies including BP and Shell

Sitting Volleyball Training

Sitting volleyball: Your sporting SOS

Perhaps you already have an idea of what clubs you will be signing up to, or maybe you are waiting to be impressed at the fairs; but what about sitting volleyball

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Manchester must-haves

Congratulations! You have made it to Manchester. But what fashion and beauty essentials are needed to survive here? Kathryn reveals the must-haves

Emergency Makeup in under 4 minutes

Makeup Corner: emergency makeup

Having a bit of a makeup crisis? Follow Millie Kershaw’s 4-minute emergency makeup guide to transform from bed bug to beauty queen

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What to wear: Pangaea

Need a pinch of inspiration for Pangaea? Look no further, as Millie Kershaw attends to all of your costume queries

Warrington Town are this seasons #underdogs
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Debate: The FA Cup is dead

Andrew and Tom discuss the future of Football’s most famous competition