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Photo: Hannah Suraya

Review: La Vina Deansgate

Veggies, stay well away! This here restaurant, La Vina, is a carnivore’s paradise

Chicken meat. Photo: Raul.Perez @Flickr

UK’s largest meat supplier violates food safety standards

The University of Manchester calls for reassessment of the UK’s food system after a huge poultry meat company has been found repacking old meat

Photo: fazenda

Review: Fazenda

Temptation will prevail, tells Samuel Pigott

Photo: eseraygun @Flickr

Meat Allergies

The shocking truth behind the rise of red meat allergies

Fried Chicken

When does fried chicken become fowl play?

Helena Maxwell-Jackson weighs the pros and cons of fried chicken, where it comes from, and if it is affordable to be ethical

Photo: Alpha @Flickr

Recipe: Scandinavian Meatballs

There’s more to mince than Shepherd’s Pie. Adam Fearn offers his recipe for easy-to-make Scandinavian meatballs

Even if you don't become King of the 'Q', it may be worth hanging around for a sample. Photo: Grillstock

Preview: Grillstock

Manchester welcomes Grillstock for its Northern debut

Listen to your food. Photo: Great Beyond @Flickr

Five great songs about food

Ollie Cartwright nourishes us with these culinary classics

Go chew the fat with your nearest butcher - they'll give you recipes and cooking tips . Photo: sheffieldhammer @Flickr

Having a butcher’s

Discovering horse DNA in your sausage sandwich is just one of the reasons not to buy meat at supermarkets