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Danny Boyle Photo: 92YTribeca @ Flickr

Danny Boyle to help set up MMU’s brand new media school

MMU are set to launch the International Screen School Manchester, with the help of local visionary Danny Boyle

Photo: SarahElizabethC. @Flickr

2016, psychedelia and The Beatles

2016 has seen the build up of events of the last few decades finally burst — and The Beatles saw it coming

Photo: Clicky Media

Preview: OMG! Girls in Tech

To be held on the 28th October, the OMG! Girls in Tech conference aims to inspire young women to challenge stereotypes and recognise their potential in the tech industry

Photo: The Mancunion

Women in Media Conference

On the weekend preceding International Women’s Day 2016, the Manchester Media Group are hosting our inaugural Women In Media Conference

Photo: M.C.P @Flickr

Can we all just remember why we’re here?

Adam Merrill reflects on the hypocrisy within the media surrounding Remembrance Sunday, and how sometimes, you do just have to laugh

Photo: Mr Cacahuate @Flickr

Man in the Browser

Arts Editor Ashley McGovern takes a closer look at media images of hacking

Façade to the Greco-Roman theatre at Palmyra—one of the best preserved pieces of Classical-meets-near-Eastern architecture yet to be destroyed by ISIS. Photo: Flickr @ Alessandra Kocman

The destruction of Palmyra is a very human tragedy

Alex Daniel argues for humanity’s sake, that we shouldn’t underestimate the tragedy of IS destroying an ancient city and the heritage it represents

Are the media missing the real message of high profile transgender figures? Photo: Mike Mozart @ Flickr

Understanding the media’s transgender explosion

Harriet New discusses the powerful impact of the media’s influence on the narratives of the transgender community, and questions the future of the perception of trans men and women

Jeremy Corbyn has mobilised his supporters but is their passionate outpouring being misrepresented? Photo: Chris Beckett @ Flickr

Violence on the Left: The Great Eggs-aggeration

With isolated acts of violence tainting the media’s response to the anti-Tory protests, Ed John looks at just how one-sided the coverage has been

Is media censorship a necessary measure or an attempt to ignore the truth? Photo: Tyler Menezes @Flickr

Censorship is the enemy of change

With a spate of high-profile attempts to censor media outlets, Ed John critically assesses our issue with the graphic truth

National Geographic

Will Murdoch pollute National Geographic?

With the Murdoch media empire investing in National Geographic, Alex Daniel critically assesses whether it spells the beginning of the end for the prestigious magazine.

The recent Protein World advert which caused national backlash. Photo: steven kirby @Pinterest

Creatures of all shapes and sizes

Sadie Hill combats the media’s representation of size and promotes the importance of body positivity