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Review: See No Evil — The Moors Murders

A sensitive but profound look at the horrific real-life Moors Murderers

Photo: Netflix

Review: Santa Clarita Diet

Never mind ‘Netflix and Chill’, this is ‘Netflix and Kill’

Photo: Netflix

Review: Sky Ladder – The Art of Cai Guo-Quiang

Kevin MacDonald’s Sky Ladder explores the artistic process behind his work, the origins of his illustrious career, and the shackles of patriotic ‘collaboration’

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Review: A Series of Unfortunate Events

Lemony Snicket’s gruesome tales are reimagined for the screen as a Netflix series triumphs once again

Photo: New Line Cinema

Top 5: Films and TV shows currently on Netflix

The film editor’s top picks of TV shows and films on UK Netflix

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Review: Black Mirror S3E01 — Nosedive

Nosedive is a technically successful pilot episode for the new season of Black Mirror — but is it really all that original?

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Review: Black Mirror, Men Against Fire

A chilling look into the future of warfare in the third season of Black Mirror

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Black Mirror Series Three

Black Mirror series three is exactly as expected: a clumsy and blundering criticism of the modern world

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Feature: Monsters and the Femme fatale

Chilling Netflix documentary Amanda Knox exhibits the blatant persecution of women who have sex

The fresh faces of Stranger Things. Photo: Netflix

Feature: Stranger Things and the future of TV

Stranger Things signals a change in the way television is viewed and received

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TV Binge: Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is a dark and gritty entry to Marvel’s TV canon that soars to the heights of top-notch TV drama

Photo: Netflix

TV Binge: Making a Murderer

Making a Murderer is a unique series that succeeds both as a thought-provoking documentary and as a gripping and entertaining ‘crime’ story