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Photo: After Twilight

After Twilight: A Youth take over of the Whitworth

Putting young South Asian talent on the agenda, the Whitworth Young Contemporaries launched an evening full to the brim with conceptual art and emerging musicians to bring diversity back into galleries

Neha Choksi and Rachelle Rojany Swing for friends (used in Faith in friction), 2017 Photo: Pascale CA

Remembering Partition with New North South: Neha Choksi

Manchester Art Gallery delves deep through the medium of South Asian film with Neha Choksi

Photo: Waqas Khan at Manchester Art Gallery, courtesy the artist and Manchester Art Gallery. Photographer: Michael Pollard

Remembering Partition with New North South: Waqas Khan

Manchester Art Gallery invites you to experience detail up close

Raqs Media Collective Photo: theWhitworth

Remembering Partition with New North South: Raqs Media Collective

The Whitworth opens their main gallery up to RAQs Media Collective – self defined curators, editors and catalysts of cultural processes.