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Graphene takes flight

The thinnest material ever created could revolutionise the way we build aircraft, say University of Manchester researchers

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Sir John Sulston

On Friday 9th March, we were saddened by the news of the Nobel Laureate and key figure of the Human Genome Project passing away

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Nobel Prizes 2017: the most exciting discoveries in science

Jack Barton summarises the 2017 Nobel Prize awards in medicine, physics and chemistry announced last week

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Bob Dylan is awarded Nobel Prize in Literature

Roma Havers celebrates the news of the new Nobel Prize for Literature winner Bob Dylan, and considers the state of mind of the contemporary literary scene

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In Conversation with Professor Andre Geim

The MSI welcomed one of the university’s golden boys of graphene to share his experience of winning the 2010 Nobel Prize, how far he has come since levitating frogs, and where graphene research is going next

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UK scientists dominate at 2016 Nobel Prize ceremonies

Earlier this month, the prestigious Nobel Prize ceremonies began, with the prizes for Physics, Chemistry and Medicine and Physiology announced

Bedwyr Williams, The Starry Messenger Photo: Whitworth Art Gallery

Review: Bedwyr Williams: The Starry Messenger

This week we take a surreal journey through Williams’ starry nightmare, currently on show at The Whitworth Gallery


This week in literature

Alister Pearson returns to 1957 when legendary absurdist Albert Camus won the prestigious Nobel Prize for Literature

Professor Peter Higgs among those to receive Honorary Degree from the University of Manchester  Photo: Marc Buehler@Flickr

Nobel Prize winning scientist to receive Honorary Degree

Four to receive Honorary Degrees as part of the University’s Foundation Day celebrations

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Celebrating the life and work of Seamus Heaney

Elizabeth Mitchell pays tribute to the great Irish poet

european union building

Is the European Union the only bad Nobel Peace Prize winner?

The reception has been mixed, but this year’s winner typifies the award for all the wrong reasons

George Osborne met with Dame Nancy Rothwell and Professors Andre Geim and Kostya Novoselov to discuss their research

Osborne pledges £50m for investment in graphene

£50m is to be invested in the commercial application of graphene, which was discovered by two professors at the University of Manchester