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Northern Powerhouse Chatham House Phillip Hammond. Photo: Suzanne Plunkett @Flickr

Chancellor announces extra £400m investment in the ‘Northern Powerhouse’

Chancellor announces an extra £400m for the Northern Powerhouse aims to invigorate the Northern economy and improve infrastructure and transport links

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Ex-Chancellor George Osborne given honorary professorship at University of Manchester

Reaction to the news has been mixed, with the university praising Osborne’s dedication to the Northern Powerhouse and its growing economy, while critics have questioned the ex-Chancellor’s credentials

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Poor GCSE results jeopardise Northern Powerhouse

The government’s proposed ‘Northern Powerhouse’ plans could be in jeopardy after it was announced that secondary schools in Manchester and Liverpool had been underperforming in their GCSE results

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Manchester and UK universities build up stronger partnerships with China

New collaborations and investments with China have been set in occasion of President Xi Jinping’s visit to the UK

Xi Jinping. Photo: Foreign and Common Wealth Office @Flickr

Osborne: Sorry Birmingham, President Xi is coming to the Northern Powerhouse

Xi, arguably the second most powerful man on the planet, visited Manchester University last week. And it’s thanks to George Osborne

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Osborne’s Northern Powerhouse – a myth?

A recent report has shown that London’s economy is growing faster than that of any of the northern cities despite plans to create a ‘Northern Powerhouse’

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One in four Manchester homes are workless

A new report shows that households in Manchester have some of the highest rates of ‘joblessness’ anywhere in the country