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Photo: Office of the President of the United States @ Wikimedia Commons

How the Democrats normalised mass deportation

America is too late to stop the normalisation of President Trump’s views and actions on immigration. With bipartisan efforts, it happened long ago

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Stop crying Hitler

David Moseley draws upon reactions from both ends of the political spectrum to argue that we must be more acute in our historical comparisons

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Was the Paris Climate Conference just hot air?

Luke Williams casts a critical eye over the Paris Climate Conference and the importance of its success

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You Can’t Handle the Truth! – House of Cards isn’t so Ace

House of Cards needs to stop cheating by using superglue to stay upright, argues political correspondent and TV reviewer Nik McNally

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If Russia is ‘anti-gay’ then so is America

Lauren Gorton questions why the media have overlooked discrimatory legislation in the USA but damned Russia for its ‘anti-propaganda’ bill

Men of steel

What does TV’s newest policitcal outing have to tell us about power dressing, asks Ben Brown.

Message of hope: Ibrahim is looking ahead to the birth of the 'freedom generation'

Syria: my week on the frontline

University of Manchester student Ibrahim Olabi tells The Mancunion about the horrors he encountered during a week-long trip to Syria

Obama on stage at the Democrat's Chicago results event. 
Image: Obama for America

An American abroad: Obama’s re-election

With a Republican house, this American feels Obama has, and will continue to be a (relative) force for good.

Election night party at the Burlington Society, 2008
Picture - Matty Major

An American abroad: the presidential election

An American war veteran’s perspective on the presidential election

'We Got Him!'s tasteful cover

“We got him”: celebrating death isn’t for the faint-hearted, but it is for the American

The politically timed re-release of We Got Him!: A Memoir of the Hunt and Capture of Saddam Hussein rankles

Polarised: divisions between Democrats and Republicans in the United States are deeper and moe bitter than at any time in living memory

America’s decisive election

November’s presidential election will be the most significant in a generation for a country at a crossroads, Rob Fuller explains

Revolution: The Arab Spring provided some of the most iconic images of 2011

Here’s to you, 2011

Riots in Britain and revolution abroad – it’s been a turbulent year in politics. Andrew Williams looks back, and asks what might be in store for the year ahead