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Live Review: Niall Horan

One ex-boyband member finds his own Direction in an upbeat, folksy gig that promises a bright future

Photo: Yasmin Duggal @ The Mancunion

Live Review: Harry Styles

A cliché we know, but the world has a remastered Jagger on its hands

Photo: album artwork

Tracks of the week: 10th April

Harry Styles’ baffling and bombastic solo debut leads our round-up of the week’s new releases

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Opinion: Fandom (or, The Unexpected Virtue of 1D Fans)

Henry Scanlan peers into the world of a One Direction show and learns some valuable lessons

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Album: One Direction – Midnight Memories

These boys are now men

Things must be bad if Robbie's had enough

Column: The Day the Music Died

Have Music Awards lost their significance? Does a Brit award actually matter? Do we care?