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Photo: UMSU

Craig Charles leaked as one of Pangaea 2018’s artists

The DJ will perform at the ‘Made in Manchester’ themed festival in June

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Win Pangaea tickets with Fuse FM

Our friends at Fuse FM are giving away Pangaea tickets to two lucky listeners

Photo: Pangaea Festival

Live: Pangaea: Level 10

Pangaea: Level 10 could be enjoyed on multiple (perhaps even 10) levels, from the headline-grabbing Katy B to the back-beaten disco dens on the Students’ Union top floor

Photo: Pangaea Festival

January Pangaea theme revealed

The theme of the 10th birthday of Pangaea Festival, the largest student-led festival in Europe, has been revealed

Cultural Appropriation

The Cultural Appropriation Game

With issues of cultural appropriation surrounding this year’s Pangaea, Elliott Mills takes a humorous look at the controversy

Photo: University of Manchester Students' Union

What to wear: Pangaea

Need a pinch of inspiration for Pangaea? Look no further, as Millie Kershaw attends to all of your costume queries

Photo: The Mancunion

Pangaea: DOs and DON’Ts

“It’s the end of the world and all that’s left is disco.” Pangaea Festival is always the perfect way to celebrate the end of exams, and this summer’s is set to be one of the best ever. Lifestyle editor Kitty Treverton Jones has the definitive guide to making the most of the night