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Bye Bye Bercow

Colm Lock argues that Parliament should retain its various traditions, and that those who oppose it ought to leave

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It starts with tampons, but where will it end?

Deborah Asamoah examines the gender imbalance that permeates our parliament and the resultant unfairness that it creates

Late nights passing bills at parliament are part of the job. Photo: Alberto Garcia @Flickr

How much are our MPs really worth?

The latest ‘cash for influence’ scandal highlights more than just nefarious MPs exploiting their positions, it raises fundamental questions about how we pay our lawmakers

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How to get away with murder

With us humans–us feeble, naïve, easily swayed humans–using the right language can really change everything. The case hasn’t changed much since the beginning of time:…

Carswell: "They talk about austerity, but on what planet is spending £108 billion more than you take in tax every year austerity."

Carswell: the man who is fighting politics, and winning

‘Dreadful, ill-qualified and parasitic’ politicians have contributed to the end of politics, Douglas Carswell MP tells Andrew Williams.