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Controversy: Animal testing

This week, Senior Science & Technology Reporter, Serena Holloway, tackles the ongoing debate on animal testing in pharmaceutical development


When fashion fights

The fashion industry has a long and complicated history with protests: in our heated political moment does fashion have a voice that can be heard through the wave of activism?

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Veganism: Just an udder first world problem?

With the increasing popularity of vegan diets, and more and more students abstaining from dairy products, Helena Maxwell-Jackson chats to a local dairy farmer to find out if we should be concerned about dairy, or if the whole conversation is just udderly ridiculous?


The darlings of cruelty-free beauty

Rebecca Thomas details the brands who are working hard to manufacture cruelty-free beauty products, with a fine example of lipstick to motivate you during the day!

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Are you fur real?

With faux fur being a star trend this winter, Kathryn Murray asks why people still insist on buying
the real thing


MAC: We trusted you

Keir Forde exposes favorite cosmetics manufacturer, where there really is no beauty without bunnies.


Beyoncé sparks outcry with her custom-made ‘Zoo-in-a-Shoe’.

Natalie Clark discusses Beyonce’s ethical fashion faux-pas