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One in four Manchester homes are workless

A new report shows that households in Manchester have some of the highest rates of ‘joblessness’ anywhere in the country

The homeless and hungry need help. Photo: popclick @Flickr

Two thirds of students go hungry, but the battle against hunger is so much bigger

New research says that 1.7 million students prioritise bills over food, and in Manchester this Christmas, the fight against poverty and hunger is widespread and needs your help

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The Most Arrogant of Lies: Voluntourism

Travelling the world in aid of volunteering whilst overlooking the needs of those close to us is a result of first-world boredom and the necessity of moral reassurance

The cost of literary success? A £7.99 edition of 50 Shades of Grey'. Photo: Andreas Harding @Flickr

Poverty as bleak as our threatened literary outlook.

Joe Evans discusses poverty and other essentials for the modern writer

Interns receive a lecture at the Centre for Effective Altruism. PHOTO: Giving What We Can

Should students become bankers to end poverty?

We visited Oxford’s Centre for Effective Altruism to investigate their surprising conclusion about the best ways to end poverty

Maths lecture at Helsinki University of technology

Letters of GCSE praise for poorer students are too little, too late

Are letters of praise at GCSE going to achieve anything other than patronising students?

ASAP Society aims to utilise student's skills in order to combat global poverty.Photo: Omid Mojabi

Academics Stand Against Poverty (ASAP)

ASAP Society hope to bring together students in order to combat global poverty.

A very simplified analogy

Friends in need

Why we should be giving more to the developing world

Emergency: severe drought in the Horn of Africa has led to the most devestating famine in living memory

Horn of Africa in crisis as the world looks elsewhere

The East African famine is a humanitarian emergency – but who is responding, asks Charlotte Cook

Lavish: Gaddafi steps off his $120 million private jet, paid for by Libya's vast oil riches

“Every Libyan should be rich” – how Gaddafi squandered oil trillions

Fahim Sachedina explains how the late Colonel Gaddafi wasted Libya’s oil riches – but looks forward to a brighter future for a neglected people