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Album Review: Rejjie Snow – Dear Annie

One of the most significant and creative hip-hop releases of the year


Review: Phantom Thread

Sharon Lim has high praise for this post-war lovers’ tale

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Recognising a toxic friendship

Are you having doubts about whether a friend is treating you right? Shannon Winterbone looks at how to determine when a friendship’s become toxic and how you can make it better

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How to handle a breakup at university

With Valentine’s Day approaching, we thought we’d give you some advice to those unlucky in love: how to handle a breakup at university

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Can you go the distance?

As a new term gets underway, we look at how long distance relationships can affect your university life and the best ways to avoid heartbreak…

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Let’s Talk About Sex

Joanna Melville explains why we need to use upcoming Sex Week as an important political and social tool to improve our society

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The Art of Sexting

Here’s why you should get down and dirty using only the power of your iPhone

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Advice Column

Our resident Agony Aunt answers your relationship Q of the week

iCub—a humanoid robot testbed currently being used for research into human cognition and artificial intelligence. Photo: Lorenzo Natale @ Wikimedia Commons

Is our pursuit of A.I. as intelligent as we think?

With artificial intelligence becoming more and more sophisticated, Ed John fears that we are undermining human experience

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Relationship status: It’s complicated

Dating, one night stands, hook ups, booty calls, randoms and flings. Finding love is more complicated than ever


Sexy Sex vs. Real Sex

Perisha Kudhail explores why sex in a lift is wrong on so many levels

Marie's Luxy profile

Single, poor and on Luxy

What is it really like to use the luxury dating app?