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Muslim students harassed for praying on campus

Troubling reports have emerged of Muslim students suffering harassment whilst praying on campus

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The Sikh Kirpan and Italy: Religious freedom or a threat to security?

An Italian court rules against carrying the Kirpan by Sikh men, igniting debate on human rights and religious freedom

Photo: Lydia Ransome

Inter-Faith event at Manchester Students’ Union

An evening of dialogue at Manchester Students’ Union to celebrate and encourage integration between religious communities

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Review: The Innocents

The Innocents explores the harrowing effects of rape on a group of Polish nuns after World War Two

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Idris Khan at the Whitworth

Idris Khan presents an innovative and intriguing new exhibition at the Whitworth, Hannah Foy takes a look

China Town is a key part of Manchester and emblematic of our community's tolerant outlook on life. Photo: Gordon Marino @Flickr

Manchester will always be home for anyone

Manchester’s tolerant, accepting, and celebratory attitude is a wonderful thing, and a community in which we all should take part

Façade to the Greco-Roman theatre at Palmyra—one of the best preserved pieces of Classical-meets-near-Eastern architecture yet to be destroyed by ISIS. Photo: Flickr @ Alessandra Kocman

The destruction of Palmyra is a very human tragedy

Alex Daniel argues for humanity’s sake, that we shouldn’t underestimate the tragedy of IS destroying an ancient city and the heritage it represents

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Religion and faith: Two entirely different ideas

The importance of religion to your culture has a significant effect on whether it becomes a duty or a liberty, and with that knowledge, we can really understand the link between religion and extremism

Marriages of all kinds are socially acceptable in Modern Britain. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Homophobia, the church, the mosque, and the synagogue

It’s not too late for religions to shed their homophobic and socially irrelevant image—they just need to take a more positive, metaphorical, and liberal approach

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Integrity and personal freedom of speech

Lauren Wills defends the inviolable right to freedom of speech and how it should be used to criticise intolerant and hateful views

A shopping center and a tree, Christmas personified. Photo: Tony Hisgett @ Flickr

An Ode to Christmas 2014

The unstoppable force of Christmas is here to stay, so listen to Joe Evans, grab a bottle of your finest festive booze and enjoy every second of it. There’s no reason not to!

Many religious people actively support the LGBT community. Photo: polomex @Flickr

The LGBT World and Religion—Friends or Foes?

David Brierley has written us a short piece on whether or not the LGBT community can coexist with religion without issue.