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Image: UoM Christians Union

Free events offer students chance to learn about Christianity

A diverse range of fun events are taking place across the week which hope to help students engage with Jesus Christ and Christianity


Muslim students harassed for praying on campus

Troubling reports have emerged of Muslim students suffering harassment whilst praying on campus

Photo: jasleen_kaur @ Flickr

The Sikh Kirpan and Italy: Religious freedom or a threat to security?

An Italian court rules against carrying the Kirpan by Sikh men, igniting debate on human rights and religious freedom

Photo: Lydia Ransome

Inter-Faith event at Manchester Students’ Union

An evening of dialogue at Manchester Students’ Union to celebrate and encourage integration between religious communities

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Review: The Innocents

The Innocents explores the harrowing effects of rape on a group of Polish nuns after World War Two

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Idris Khan at the Whitworth

Idris Khan presents an innovative and intriguing new exhibition at the Whitworth, Hannah Foy takes a look

China Town is a key part of Manchester and emblematic of our community's tolerant outlook on life. Photo: Gordon Marino @Flickr

Manchester will always be home for anyone

Manchester’s tolerant, accepting, and celebratory attitude is a wonderful thing, and a community in which we all should take part

Façade to the Greco-Roman theatre at Palmyra—one of the best preserved pieces of Classical-meets-near-Eastern architecture yet to be destroyed by ISIS. Photo: Flickr @ Alessandra Kocman

The destruction of Palmyra is a very human tragedy

Alex Daniel argues for humanity’s sake, that we shouldn’t underestimate the tragedy of IS destroying an ancient city and the heritage it represents

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Religion and faith: Two entirely different ideas

The importance of religion to your culture has a significant effect on whether it becomes a duty or a liberty, and with that knowledge, we can really understand the link between religion and extremism

Marriages of all kinds are socially acceptable in Modern Britain. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Homophobia, the church, the mosque, and the synagogue

It’s not too late for religions to shed their homophobic and socially irrelevant image—they just need to take a more positive, metaphorical, and liberal approach

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Integrity and personal freedom of speech

Lauren Wills defends the inviolable right to freedom of speech and how it should be used to criticise intolerant and hateful views

A shopping center and a tree, Christmas personified. Photo: Tony Hisgett @ Flickr

An Ode to Christmas 2014

The unstoppable force of Christmas is here to stay, so listen to Joe Evans, grab a bottle of your finest festive booze and enjoy every second of it. There’s no reason not to!