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Photo: New Line Cinema

Review: Creed

Director Ryan Coogler successfully sees the baton of the Rocky legacy passed down to the next generation with Creed

Arnie as promised, is back and he seems to be staying.  Photo: The Last Stand, Lionsgate

We need a hero!

Dylan Wiggan looks at the state of action stars

The Die Hard franchise continues this year with Die Hard 5

Money-spinning movie franchises

Dan King discusses Hollywood’s franchise fetish

apocalypse now

A Year In Film: 1979

When it came to film, 1979 saw it all – from aliens to union workers, world wars to Star Wars. Figures as diverse as cowboys,…

Al Pacino as Tony Montana in Scarface. Photo: Pricelessley @flickr.

Top 5: Pre-drinking films

Top 5 films to watch when pre-drinking for a night out.