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High salaries not key to retaining graduates, survey suggests

According to students and recent graduates, pay-rate is not as important as training and potential for promotion

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US academic salaries do not cover basic living costs

A new wave of harsh cuts to HE institutions’ funding has left academics in financial uncertainty and fear. Many are struggling to pay for their homes and even food

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Almost 1 per cent of University of Manchester staff on salaries over £100,000

Data obtained by the Taxpayers’ Alliance reveals some of the most highly-paid staff members at HE institutions

The cost of literary success? A £7.99 edition of 50 Shades of Grey'. Photo: Andreas Harding @Flickr

Poverty as bleak as our threatened literary outlook.

Joe Evans discusses poverty and other essentials for the modern writer

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Meh-lection frenzy sweeps Students’ Union Exec

Exec position nominations see lack of interest, even though advertised for people who “fancy earning £16.6k” or “taking a paid year out”