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Review: Annihilation

The much-anticipated follow-up to Alex Garland’s directorial debut Ex Machina

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Is Star Citizen the biggest game ever?

The 100% crowd-funded project that is shooting for the stars

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Review – Stranger Things 2

Lucas Hill-Paul journeys into the Upside Down as the long-awaited Stranger Things 2 arrives on Netflix

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How the ‘Shared Universe’ is taking over Hollywood

After DC’s recently released Wonder Woman, and ahead of Marvel Studio’s upcoming Spiderman: Homecoming, Jamie McEvoy addresses the gargantuan on-screen elephant in the room which is the shared universe

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Review — Alien: Covenant

Out of this world, or familiar failure?

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Review: Arrival

“Language is the cornerstone of civilisation”

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Black Mirror S3E04 — San Junipero: Review

Georgia Welch explores episode four of Charlie Brooker’s latest series of Black Mirror: San Junipero

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Classic Review: Barbarella

Bizarre and gratuity indulgent, Barberella’s cult following still stands

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Review: High-Rise

Possibly his best feature film yet, Ben Wheatley’s High-Rise is like a nightmarish acid trip that stylishly enthrals and repulses in equal measure

The Nostromo. Photo: Alien: Isolation @Flickr

Review: Alien Isolation

Despite the critcised length of the game, Alien Isolation is another success for Alien franchise fans

Heroine Samus Aran flaunts her power stance. Photo: PictureTrivia @Flickr

Retro Corner: Metroid Prime

Matthew Cole leaps and morph-balls through the GameCube classic.


Preview – Star Trek

Will Star Trek boldly go where no film tie-in has gone before?