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Where Brian Cox has failed

Anti-vaxxers, climate change deniers, evolution skeptics: the way we deal with alternative facts is disconnected and impractical

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Finding the public’s lost faith in science

Academics come together to discuss the issues surrounding public trust in science and ways to improve science communication

Photo: Faculty of Life Sciences, UoM

Manchester PhD student wins Science Communication Competition

The science communicaion competition aimed to change common perceptions about the subject area of chemistry as being inaccessible to the general public

Photo: 'Is The Truth Out There?' @YouTube

Manchester scientists discuss the possibility of alien life

From supposed UFO sightings to rumours of abduction, one of science’s greatest unknowns—is there really alien life out there? Staff from the University of Manchester got together to discuss their views

Photo: Merseyside Skeptics Society Photos @Flickr

Interview: Simon Singh

Andy van den Bent-Kelly chats to the popular science writer about his forthcoming talk, the wonderful world of maths and the role of the modern-day science communicator