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Editors’ farewell – style notes

Deputy Fashion & Beauty Editor Amy Nguyen says goodbye in the way she knows best — through her fantastic sense of style

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Brand-less Beauty

Beauty branding is changing fast — hopefully for the benefit of consumers

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A new wardrobe for your skin

Kitty Mitchell Turner reveals her tips for fabulous, glowing skin all year round

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How to establish a skincare regime

Kitty Mitchell Turner reveals her top tips for kickstarting your skincare regime

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The not so Ordinary

Deciem, also known as The Abnormal Beauty Company has taken ownership of an umbrella of different beauty brands. I was intrigued and super excited to…

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New Year, slightly altered me

Let’s be realistic, we all have fashion and beauty habits, they’re hard earned and harder to shake. 2017 does not mean a lifestyle overhaul but there is definitely room for a few improvements

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How to combat ‘freshers’ face’

Is your skin suffering from partying too hard in Freshers’ Week? We give some helpful tips on how to combat freshers’ face, including the best type of alcohol to drink to reduce the effects of a wild night out

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Demystifying skincare: The cleansing balm

Beauty Editor Millie Kershaw explains why it’s time to ditch the makeup wipes and embrace oils in your skincare regime

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Post-exam beauty hacks

Exams taken their toll on your skin? Laura Mills brings you a skincare routine to get your skin back to normal in no time

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The beauty of Chai

Perisha Kudhail gets under your skin and into your shopping basket; it’s tea time

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Cleanse, tone, and moisturise: It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

Josh Arnold shares some secrets on how to create the perfect skincare routine that won’t leave you out of pocket