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Photo: Phil Grant

Stand for freedom: the modern day fight against slavery

Ruth Squires speaks to the UoM students who stood for 24 hours as a protest against modern day slavery

Althea McNish Photo: The Whitworth Art Gallery, The University of Manchester

Cultural Commemoration: Remembering Slavery and Abolition in Manchester

Florrie Badley reflects on the role of artists, archives and curators in the act of remembrance

Photo: Wikipedia

Ignored Histories: Empire in Education with Anindita Ghosh

As we continue our theme of black history month, this week Ellie Tivey talks to UoM senior lecturer Anindita Ghosh to discuss why history classrooms around the country are severely lacking in education on colonialism and how this is affecting our understandings of the world

Photo: Jeff Laitila@Flickr

Diego Garcia & Camp Thunder Cove: The UK’s Dark Secret

Madeleine Jones uncovers the truth behind the UK’s dealings with Diego Garcia

Glasgow Museum of Modern Art. Originally William Cunninghame's house, built from the proceeds of slavery. Photo: @Flickr

Why we can’t just ‘move on’ from the legacy of slavery

Lower prosperity, lower educational attainment and higher suspicion. The legacy of slavery is still very much with us in our society today, writes Kyle Huggins