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Burnham backs Stoptober smoking campaign

With 19.9 per cent of adults in Manchester reportedly smokers, including students, the Manchester Mayor has backed the ‘Stoptober’ campaign

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Smokers have 72 per cent risk of fatal lung disease

A new study finds that smokers with specific genes have an increased risk of developing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease


I don’t smoke, sorry

Things you only know if you just don’t smoke


Marketing: Who’s in control of what you spend?

With advertising and marketing more prevalent in our lives than ever before, we must ask: to what extent are we truly in control of our own expenditure?

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Kick the Habit with Stoptober

Make a change for the better this October with the help of The Mancunion!

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Don’t be selfish, take responsibility

Thomas McEvilly contemplates the problems caused by ‘selfish’ diseases inherent in our floundering NHS

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Smoke ’em Out?

Is a ban on smoking in public even possible? Bristol seems to think so

Mournful Mancunians rue the day they first sparked up. Photo: Ferran Jordà @ Flickr

Smoker’s regret

Taking up smoking ‘biggest regret’ for Mancunians

Shisha cafes on the curry mile, in Rusholme. 
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Should the smoking ban apply to shisha cafes?

With the news of Manchester City Council’s crackdown on indoor shisha cafes, we take a look at the issue

One theory is that active left-wing students tend to smoke, so are less inclined to take action

Do student ethics go up in smoke when it comes to tobacco companies?

The National Union of Students has a £5.5m tobacco habit, is this why students don’t campaign against cigarette companies?