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Universities are not businesses

Nor are they “bastions of academic integrity”. The way we think about universities is outdated

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It’s down to students to show the UK’s positive future

In the eyes of many Europeans, Britain has become the closeted land of King Farage – and no-one has as much power to change that as we do

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‘Hey Nancy, leave teachers alone!’

Students and staff join force in a music-led protest against the 171 impending job cuts at the University of Manchester

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University to ‘cut catering staff and lower wages’

After implementing the living wage last month, the company in charge of catering services across the university are claimed to be planning to make 43 staff redundant and cutting salaries by up to a third

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Students in solidarity with staff at risk of redundancy

Students joined staff to protest the universities change to their redeployment policy which has put 250 jobs at risk