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Pixel Bomb Games: An Early Access story

Post-Apocalyptic Manchester stuck in pre-release


Half-Life 2: The Past and Future

After 10 years, where are we now?

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Valve Cracks Down on Metabombing

The Corporation Strikes Back

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Syndrome: Indie survival horror

Jump scares, creepy sounds and bad lighting are key features of survival horror games, but they are not the entire basis of the genre

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Where’s My Mommy? – Review

Should ‘Where’s My Mommy?’ be placed on a pedestal or should it get flushed away with the rest of the unmentionables. Read on to find out

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The Witness in motion

The Witness was released recently to a lot of positive acclaim but that does not make it avoid of controversy. One issue that has not been addressed as much is how the game can cause motion sickness. Learn more about this issue below.

PixelBomb Games

An Interview with PixelBomb Games

PixelBomb Games, the developers of a post-apocalyptic Manchester-based third-person shooter, Beyond Flesh and Blood, sat down with us to discuss the development of their first game

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Satellite Reign – Review

Are you a fan of the Syndicate series? Then check out what Saboor Qureshi thought of the game’s spiritual successor, Satellite Reign


When you go down to the woods today, you’re in for an axe wound to the face

Patch Scales dices with death in the cannibalistic confines of The Forest


Cortex Command – Review

Gareth Hillston reviews the unique Cortex Command