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Striking lecturers host ‘teach-outs’

Over the four weeks of strikes, some staff and students have taken it upon themselves to fill the gap in engagement


University of Manchester lecturers reject pensions deal

The university have so far declined to comment on the decision

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Universities threaten to cut pay of striking staff

UCU have warned that threatening big pay reductions could prolong strike action

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Universities warned strike action could affect summer exams

Summer examinations and graduation ceremonies could be disrupted by extended staff strikes

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London students striking with university cleaners

Students from King’s College London have joined cleaning staff on the picket lines

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Union announces formal Trade Dispute and possible strike action

The Manchester branch of the University and College Union has announced it will ballot its members for industrial action over the outsourcing of IT jobs

Strikes in 2011 by university affiliated unions campaigned against pension cuts too. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Strikes are the answer for powerless unions

In light of the recent university marking boycott, and its subsequent postponing, Lauren Wills explains why we have to put up with the necessary evil of strikes

Beginning next week, academics will refuse to set or mark coursework, and any planned exams will be cancelled until the dispute is settled. Photo: __olga__ @Flickr

UCU marking boycott to go ahead

Academics at universities nationwide have voted in favour of refusing to set or mark work in the dispute regarding pension cuts, starting from 6th November

Essays could be left unmarked if universities fail to reach an agreement with academics. Photo: Stephen Train @Flickr

University and Colleges Union threatens further boycott

Academics may refuse to set or grade exams and coursework in response to a drastic pension shakeup proposal.

David Willetts has joined Vince Cable's call to curb senior management pay rises.

Ministers ‘very concerned’ by vice chancellor’s pay rises

Vince Cable and David Willetts have called for senior management to show “much greater restraint”

Warwick students say they are taking action against the "negative impact" of strikes on their education.

Students stage own lectures during strikes

Third-years taught second-years using their previous year’s notes