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A defence of irony

Elliott Mills witters on for far too long; omnipresent voice Elliot Mills brings us back to a straightened-out meaning of meaning

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Student elections and ongoing contradictions

Elliott Mills illustrates how continued low voter turnout in Student Union elections is widening the gap between students and those representing them

Fallowfield Bus Stop. Screenshot: Google Maps

Overheard at the University of Manchester, April 2015

The funniest things you’ve been saying around campus this month

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A response to the ‘crisis of apathy’

General secretary Grace Skelton responds to last week’s elections criticism, reminding you why you should vote


UMSU elections are in a crisis of apathy

Alice Rigby argues that Manchester needs a re-invigoration of the student electoral system to make us believe in our executive and union representatives

Grace Skelton celebrates her election success with incumben t Wellbeing Officer Cat Gray. Photo: Ellen Conlon

Grace wins the race

– Skelton wins Gen Sec contest by landslide
– 5 candidates disqualified

A voting station in University Place. Photo: Cil Barnett-Neefs

Election scandal as five candidates disqualified

Activities, Community, Diversity, General Secretary and Wellbeing candidates kicked out of elections

The absent Diversity Officer Saad Wahid, has pulled out of the running for Gen Sec, making it a four-horse race.  Photo: Manchester Students' Union

Absent Exec Officer drops out of Gen Sec race

Stuck in Pakistan, current Diversity Officer pulls out of running