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Disadvantaged students three times more likely to live at home

New report shows that just one in ten students attend a university over 150 miles from home

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The cost of learning: Students turn to escorting, drug dealing and gambling to afford university

A recent survey has revealed the shocking proportion of students resorting to controversial methods to earn money in the current financial climate

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University of Manchester launch new Finance facilities

Finance facilities available for all university of Manchester students

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The Best Things in Life are Free(ware)

You can get a lot for free, bottle openers, frying pans, and even decent games. Here are some great free games that you can play

Flatmate money management. Photo: Splittable App

Let’s talk about money

We all know that dealing with money at uni is the inevitable elephant in the room, but we’re here to help make spending and saving that little bit simpler

George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer today announced the scrapping of support for poorer students. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Chancellor scraps maintenance grants

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne announced today that students from households with less than £25000 income will be forced to borrow all of their maintenance financing in loans, replacing the current grant system

The rising cost of living means students are increasingly facing money issues. Photo: ImagesofMoney@Flickr

Student loans insufficient, claims NUS study

NUS states that student loans and grants are not enough to cover the cost of living.

Research shows that alcohol takes the biggest bite out of students loans  Photo: Anders Adermark @ flickr

How long does your student loan last?

Research shows student loans rarely stretch the whole semester

St. Hugh's College, Oxford, at the centre of the "financial elitism" row. Photo: Michael Coleman @ flickr

Oxford University college sued for ‘elitism’

The Mancunion talks to the Salford student suing St. Hugh’s college for “only admitting those wealthy enough to partake in traditions”


The Manchester student experience

What can newcomers expect from their time here? And what challenges lie ahead for students? University is a strange and daunting new world. But embrace all it has to offer and it will be an experience you won’t forget.