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Interview: Spoon

We spoke to the Texan indie greats about Trump, ambience, and how you should never listen to anything they have to say

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Texas students protest gun laws with dildos

Students from The University of Texas plan to stage a protest involving “gigantic swinging dildos” next year, when new gun laws will come into action allowing students to carry concealed weapons on campus

Texas alone has executed 527 people since 1976. Photo: Patrick Feller @Flickr

Taking on Death Row

University of Manchester alumnus Samantha Chammings hopes to combat the gross injustices of capital punishment in the USA. She has been offered a rare opportunity to study an LL.M. in Texas, but still needs donations to get herself there

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Don’t mess with Texas

Going travelling in America? Put Austin, Texas on your list of must-see cities

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Top 5 songs… your mum probably loves

Dan Whiteley takes a stab at guessing the contents of your mum’s iPod