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A Mancunian version of the Oyster Card is now available

Soon, city-dwellers will be able to use it across all public transport in Greater Manchester

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‘Hover train’ cuts Manchester to Liverpool journey to seven minutes

New North-West transport plans include ‘MagLev’ or ‘hover trains’ that can cut Manchester to Liverpool train times from an hour to just seven minutes

Is Uber the nail in the coffin for the classic Black Cab? Photo: Fabrizio lonzini @Flickr

Uber, Uber über alles

In its rapid rise to dominance in our private, bookable transport industry, Uber has made itself some powerful enemies

Photo: The Mancunion

Manchester Victoria station reopens after major overhaul

The shining new transport hub was opened by Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin, replacing what was once named Britain’s worst station

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Bus Ranters!

They’re too cold, too warm, too dirty and never turn up! We can only be on about buses. Robert Firth has a rant about an integral feature of Manchester student life.