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South African students express outrage at proposed increase in tuition fees

Students of at least seven major universities in South Africa have protested the increase in tuition fees, resulting in police intervention and 23 arrests

Tuition Fees

Labour rescind on Corbyn’s tuition fees election promise

At the Labour party conference, politicians have suggested that Corbyn’s promise of scrapping tuition fees is not set in stone

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Burnham promises to remove “millstone of debt” from students

In his campaign manifesto to become Leader of the Labour Party, Andy Burnham has stated that he will commit Labour to a graduate tax for students in academic and technical education

George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer today announced the scrapping of support for poorer students. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Chancellor scraps maintenance grants

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne announced today that students from households with less than £25000 income will be forced to borrow all of their maintenance financing in loans, replacing the current grant system

"We are going to be increasing the maintenance grant from £3400 to £3800, which should benefit around half of students." Photo: uklabourparty @Flickr

Graduate tax still a long-term option, says Chuka Umunna

News Editor Jenny Sterne spoke to the shadow Secretary of State for Business, Chuka Umunna, about HE policy, the skills gap, zero-hours contracts and the BME attainment gap

Labour's Liam Byrne held a question and answer session at the Students' Union. Photo: @LiamByrneMP on Twitter

Shadow Universities Minister answers students’ questions

Liam Byrne MP visited the university to discuss Labour’s tuition fees pledge and to answer students’ questions

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Nancy Rothwell claims £22000 of flights on expenses

A report by UCU has revealed a lack of transparency senior pay at UK universities. The report revealed that Vice-Chancellors earn on average £260000, and looked into the scale of expenditure on air fares

The University of York is the only university among those analysed said to offer best consumer practice. Photo: Xerones@Flickr

Students face ‘unlawful’ conduct at universities

A consumer watchdog has revealed that at least 40 UK universities offer unlawful terms to students

Liam Byrne MP has said that the system of student fees "is going bust." Photo: RNIB @Flickr

£6000 fees threaten economy and education, say English Vice-Chancellors

Bosses from universities including Birmingham and Reading have harshly criticised suggestions from the Labour Party of cutting the cap on tuition fees to £6000

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Government reforms will lead to even more unpaid student loans

By Autumn 2015, restrictions on the number of student entries into universities will be removed

Photo: Facebook, University of Exeter Debating Society.
The debate ended in the motion's defeat despite its initial support.

Exeter students agree tuition fees may have to rise

‘This House Believes Tuition Fees Should Not Increase’ was defeated by student audience in a university debate

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Tuition fees aren’t the only reason students are stripping

Charlotte Green argues that attributing life choices down to economic need not only devalues women’s decisions to sexually empower themselves, but also undermines the concept of female self-determination