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The Office of Fair Trading may launch an inquiry into claims of price fixing and poor value for money following the steep increase in fees.

OFT considers detailed investigation into ‘non-competitive practices’ at universities

Reports of poor value for money, substandard teaching, and price fixing, may lead to university probe

The report found that working class UK students at Oxford would likely amass a far greater debt than low income US students would at Harvard.  photo: karenblakeman@flickr

Working class students under-represented at elite universities

Higher education class gap can’t be explained by grade difference

University of Manchester staff and students will join colleagues from around the country in strikes against a proposed one per cent pay rise Photo: Paul Campbell

Fees should rise with inflation, says Universities UK President

Cap on fees is ‘not sustainable’ according to University of Surrey vice-chancellor

ManchesterSU's Campaigns Officer, who devoted his first semester to promoting DEMO2012, looking a bit glum. Photo: Lisa Murgatroyd


NUS publish evaluation lambasting their own demonstration DEMO2012 and admits costs topped £155,000

Jake Davis, from Manchester Business School, has setup a competition where students can win their a year's tuition fees paid for.  Photo: WinMyFees

Competition gives students chance to win a year’s fees

Manchester Business School student sets up speed-typing competition with a prize of tuition fees

Photo: LiverpoolHopeUniversity @Flickr

Sponsor a scholar for sex

Website offering funding to students in exchange for “discreet adventures” exposed


Willetts promises ‘more cash per student’

“Total funding for higher education is increasing”, says Universities Minister

Statistics from different courses at different universities can now be compared collectively on one website. Photo: Jonny Whiting

‘Go-Compare’ style website lauched for university courses

Students can now compare details of every UK university course on new Unistats website

Manchester Metropolitan University

Universities ‘still advertising vacancies’ days before term starts

‘Prestigious’ universities still advertising places for over 13,500 courses

The Little Court complex in the Fallowfield campus has been left empty after a drop in the number of students choosing to take up university accommodation. Photo: University of Manchester

Fallowfield hall empty after drop in student numbers

Little Court in Owens Park is empty this year because of low student numbers

Mancunion editor sits down with Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell in her office. Photo: Joe Sandler Clarke

‘I wasn’t consulted on fees,’ says President of UK’s largest university

Richard Crook sits down with with Dame Nancy Rothwell to discuss fees, Student Satisfaction, and what the future holds.

"All British universities are a guinea pig in this and I think that's really dangerous." Photo: Thomas Harrison

The rise in tuition fees is a ‘bloody big roadblock’, says David Miliband

David Miliband discusses the implications for social mobility after the tutition fee increase at a Q&A session at the University of Manchester