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Why are Christmas adverts so effective?

Everyone loves Christmas adverts and can’t wait to watch them when they air on TV. Here’s Araddhna Patel on the potential reasons behind their success

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Alan Sugar: You’re Fired

The Apprentice has turned stale and is unreflective of a healthy business climate; it should be axed

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Review: The Grand Tour, Episode One

The boys are back in town. And in a similar vein to recent weeks, May and Hammond had the nation in stitches

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Black Mirror S3E04 — San Junipero: Review

Georgia Welch explores episode four of Charlie Brooker’s latest series of Black Mirror: San Junipero

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TV Catch Up: The Night Of

The Night Of is a compelling study of the judicial system in post 9/11 New York

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We love to fear the zombie

The undead have taken the entertainment world by storm, but what is it that is so appealing about the zombie apocalypse?

Fashion Factor

Fashion Factor

With the X-Factor being an autumn staple for over ten years, Kathryn Murray looks at what we can expect from the show’s style department

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Procrastination by watching TV is good for us!

Leanne Charlotte explores the importance of primetime television in portraying health issues to aid the public’s understanding of stigmatised illnesses

Not everyone loves Jezza as much.

I was in the audience of the most evil show on TV

The Jeremy Kyle Show claims to help guests. How can a show whose website advertises the chance to “get your ex back” help anyone asks Robert Firth?

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Everybody Loves Louis

Andriana Hambi thinks Louie is a show everbody should see. K?

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TV made me live a fantasy

Molly Allen considers the impact of TV on our expectations (no, just because you’re not living in a penthouse doesn’t mean that your life’s a failure)

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From the Vault: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Stevie Grieves considers the enduring appeal of the 90s sitcom that brought Will Smith to stardom