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British universities use trigger warnings to help students’ mental health

The use of trigger warnings in UK universities is on the rise as we follow the trend from the US

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Are universities sexist?

Recent studies have found that only 22% of professors are female. Does this mean that universities are inherently sexist?

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Does mental health matter to universities?

Mental health is a subject which is receiving much more attention than before. But are universities taking it as seriously as the rest of us?

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Universities attempting to ensure student safety

Cardiff University have launched a scheme to keep students safe at night during Freshers

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University redevelopments up since tuition fee rise

Universities across the UK have released dramatic campus overhaul plans since the tuition fee rise in 2012

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Legal deals ‘cover up’ scale of sexual harassment problem at universities

Confidentiality clauses have according to campaigners stifled the scale of the sexual harassment issue at UK universities, leaving many afraid to speak out

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Vice-Chancellors band together to block Brexit

University Vice-Chancellors from across the country profess their concern about leaving the EU

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Spending review: What does it mean for students?

Wednesday’s spending review heralds massive cuts for student nurses and higher education more broadly

A recent survey has revealed that 95 per cent of girls are groped in nightclubs Photo:trouniphotography@flickr

95 per cent of girls groped on nights out

95 per cent of female university students have reported sexual harassment on nights out in a survey by The Tab. This and other research has forced universities to take action to protect their students

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Outrage at Higher Education shakeup proposals

Students and the higher education sector have expressed concern after the government revealed a green paper, which suggests deep and wide ranging changes to the higher education sector

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Universities face fines if disadvantaged students don’t pass

The Sunday Times has revealed plans to encourage universities to take on & pass more disadvantaged students and help them find graduate jobs, or be fined and prevented from raising tuition fees

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UCAS applications rise again as gender gap emerges

Gender gap in university intake needs ‘urgent focus’, says UCAS chief