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Photo: Public Library of Science

Sir John Sulston

On Friday 9th March, we were saddened by the news of the Nobel Laureate and key figure of the Human Genome Project passing away

Photo: US Air Force/Ilka Cole

Muscle loss in old age linked to damaged nerves

Researchers find weaker nerve signals are associated with muscle loss but regular exercise delay such effects

Photo: The University of Manchester

Manchester river has world’s highest level of microplastics

This study is the first of its kind and has left Manchester researchers calling for tighter regulations on urban water waste management

Image: University of Manchester

UoM alumna gets certificate 80 years after graduation

Centenarian receives her University of Manchester graduation certificate on her birthday

Photo: The University of Manchester

Machine learning improves simulated chimpanzee movement

University of Manchester researchers use CT scan of a chimpanzee to improve a computer system model of the primates’ walk

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£6.8 million awarded to Manchester health consortium

The new funding could allow upscaling of personalised medicine and development of new cancer therapies

Photo: Five Guys

Five Guys opening this summer in Manchester University Green

The new Five Guys will be opening around July 2018 and will create 35 new local jobs

Photo: University of Manchester

Evolutionary understanding takes flight thanks to baby bird fossil

A University of Manchester palaeontologist reveals the diversity of avian evolution using one of the smallest bird fossils ever discovered

Image: Rept0n1x @ Commons Wikimedia

University performs well in world subject rankings

QS ranked the University of Manchester alongside 1,129 universities worldwide

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Manchester’s women in STEM: past and present

For International Women’s Day, we profile inspirational Manchester female scientists, from past and present

Photo: Jaytaix @ Pixabay

£4.7m collaborative Zika vaccine project launches

The University of Manchester launches a collaborative project to find viable vaccines against Zika virus to protect pregnant mothers and their unborn children

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The Loneliness Experiment launched

A University of Manchester psychologist leads an experiment which aims to explore what loneliness looks like in our world today