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Photo: Kirstie O'Mahony @The Mancunion

Review: The Pen and Pencil – vegetarian special

To celebrate National Vegetarian Week 2018, Kirstie O’Mahony tried The Pen and Pencil’s new veggie and vegan offerings, and was left reeling

Photo: Stephanie Grosse

Review: Gusto Didsbury

Gusto eatery is a decent eatery will excellent atmosphere

Photo: Alina Mclellan

Recipe: Vegan Mushroom Wellington

A vegan alternative to a classic wellington

Photo: Jenny Liddle

Northern Vegan Festival promises a feast of delicious food

Manchester’s biggest vegan festival is back!

Photo: The Mancunion

Review: Lotus Vegetarian Kitchen

A paradise for carnivores and herbivores alike

Photo: Kai Stachowiak

Review: Extraveganza

Vegan food festival Extraveganza delivers when it comes to well-cooked vegan food, and is sure to convince many a meat-eater to take the plunge

Photo: Anokhi Shah @ The Mancunion

Anokhi’s 15 minute meals: Vegan bean chilli and smashed avo

A speedy, feel-good dinner

Photo: Pexels @ Pixabay

Five tips for eating vegan as a student

Using Calypso April’s simple tips, you’ll find adopting a vegan lifestyle easier than you thought

Photo Credit: Daisy Tolcher

Review: V-REV vegan diner

A burger joint that is entirely vegan

Photo Credit: Glossier @ Instagram

Beauty Consciousness – Glossier in the spotlight

Deputy Fashion & Beauty Editor Amy Nguyen explores how the rise of beauty consciousness and veganism has given way to beauty brands like Glossier

Photo: Miriam Mizzi

Review: Trof NQ

Miriam continues her vegetarian journey at Trof

Photo: rockspindeln @Flickr


Curious about the vegan lifestyle that’s taking the world by storm? Come along to Vegan Week at the SU to find out more