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Students at Brunel University London walked out of a debate when Katie Hopkins started talking. Photo: Wikimedia commons

Katie Hopkins left red-faced by Brunel students

A walk-out was staged at Brunel University during Katie Hopkins’ appearance in a debate on welfare

Harry Leslie Smith spoke to students about the importance of voting. Photo: Standup4Labour@Twitter

Harry Leslie Smith inspires students to vote for their future

In light of the dramatic drop in students registered to vote, Harry Leslie Smith a 92 year old activist spoke to students about the importance of voting and why this generation and general election could go down as the most important since 1945.

Resolute: Attlee may have lacked charisma but that didn't prevent him becoming one of Britain's most successful Prime Ministers

My Political Hero: Clement Attlee

“While Churchill is seen as the definitive wartime leader, Attlee was the man who ran Britain.” Rob Fuller heaps praise upon one of the great 20th Century Prime Ministers