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Why Britain desperately needs a four-day working week

People are working too hard for too little


Internship opportunities for second year students

The summer internships offer paid work experience opportunities based in Manchester

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Cluny MCR: a magazine opening doors for all Manchester creatives

Sophia Macpherson chats with one of the founders of ‘Cluny MCR’ about how you can get your creative work out there

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How to nail a job interview in 2017

Debut CEO Charlie Taylor gives The Mancunion his best job interview tips for new graduates

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To work or not to work?

To work or not to work: that is the question. We’ve asked two contributors to give their view on the age-old debate—is getting a part time job worth it?

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The Seven Study Sinners

More than anything, exams bring out our inner maniac… whether we know it or not

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Dress to impress

Got those ‘almost there’ graduate blues? Or simply hunting for an extra bit of pocket money? Fear not, as Rebecca Thomas gives you a rundown of what to wear for every type of interview

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10 reasons why the gender pay gap matters to you

What you should know about the gender pay gap and why it’s a bigger problem than you might think…

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Do I have to wear a suit?

Intimidated by the big bad world of workwear? Here are some pointers

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Should you get a job whilst at university?

It might seem like a great idea in order to pay for those Taylor Swift tickets, but is working up to 30 – 40 hours week manageable? Robert Firth finds that it can be (so long as your boss loves you)

The Apprentice

“Is skirt off sick?”

Scarlett Whittell advises how not to dress like Bridget Jones in the office.


Interview: Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez

We caught one half of Masters At Work waxing lyrical on 45s, the consequences of technology and Nuyorican Soul II