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Review: Call of Duty: WWII

Call of Duty returns to its roots with this strong addition to the franchise

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TV Binge: The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is a show that has reached highs and lows, and largely bases itself around a strict formula

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TV Binge: The Returned

The Returned manages to transcend zombie clichés to become something far darker and more sinister than many would expect

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What to wear: Pangaea

Have exams caused you to neglect your search for the perfect Pangaea outfit? You’re not alone. Fashion editor Gráinne Morrison is here to help

The Stop TTIP Manchester protestors dropped warning signs in the Arndale Centre following the zombie flashmob. Photo: Stop TTIP MCR @Facebook.

Zombie protestors plague Arndale Centre over TTIP negotiations

Protestors from across Manchester took part in an anti-TTIP zombie flashmob in the Arndale Centre as part of a global day of action against the EU-US trade deal


Feature: Grimmfest 2014

Zombie aficionado Katie Morton roams the screenings of Grimmfest, Manchester’s very own horror film festival.


Contrary Corner: Dead Genre Walking

Nikolas bemoans the lack of originality in modern Zombie cinema, and preys somebody breathes new life into the dying genre

The Walking Dead,  "the most watched drama in basic cable history".

Why the sudden love for Zombie films?

For Tom Glasser, a Zombie outbreak is like a motorway service station, and the popularity of shows like The Walking Dead says much about our society

A production still from the film. Photo:

Manchester PhD students make zombie film at CERN

The film, Decay, will be screened in Manchester and then released for free online

Manchester Museum unveils a new exhibition to mark 100 years since its opening. Photo: Adam Rossano

News in brief – 5th November

Mancunian zombies, a million pound exhibition and a WWI bomb found in Didsbury


Salford hosts the Play Expo

Sam Dumitriu plays the latest games at Britain’s newest gaming convention


Battle of the Beasts: Zombies

You’re running through a deep, dark wasteland, pursued by an unspeakable terror. You can’t get away fast enough, and for some reason your every move is punctuated by gothic choral music. But then a thought occurs, and you stop. Why are you running?