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Half-way to Broadway

Review: UMMTS Back to Broadway

The Wind in the Willows - press pic 15

Messing about on the quays

Review: The Wind in the Willows at The Lowry


My cup of tea

Review: UMDS Autumn Showcase- Not My Cup of Tea


How to Solve with revolvers

Review: UMDS Autumn Showcase- Solve

Salford-born playwright Shelagh Delaney

A tribute to Shelagh Delaney

‘It’s a bugger of a life, by Jesus.’ Shelagh Delaney 1938-2011


Interview: University of Manchester Drama Society

Josephine Lane talks with students Elisha Mansuroglu and Sophie Taylor about their upcoming performance.


Arts Council Internship Guidelines: step towards change or façade of equality?

Becky Williams discusses internships in the Arts

Noel flogging his wares in the Arndale Centre, Lauren Taylor/ The Velvet Onion

Noel’s latest chapter

Fielding sticks it to the virtual and hits a home run for the tangible

Photo credit: Ian Tilton

Habeas Vile

Review- Habeas Corpus at the Bolton Octagon

Roy Cohn (Lucas Smith) and Ethel Rosenberg (Erin Bolens) settle old scores.

Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes

Review-Angels in America – Part One: Millennium Approaches at MMU’s Capitol Theatre


Jon Richardson at The Lowry, 28th October 2011

Dani Middleton is taken by the Jon Richardson factor


Growing Pains

Review- Pains of Youth at MMU’s Capitol Theatre