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Theatre de Complicite, one of the world's most famous physical theatre companies. Photo: Sarah Ainslie

Why I Love/Why I Hate

Hannah Lawrence reveals her likes and loathes of theatre

American Idiot: The Musical. Photo: Jeremy Daniel

Wake me up when the musical ends

Josephine Lane reviews the UK premiere of American Idiot, performed at the Mayflower Theatre, Southampton on October 9th

9 to 5 - The Musical. Photo: Simon Annand

9 to 5: What a way to spend an evening!

Joshua Val Martin reviews the UK premiere of Dolly Parton’s musical: 9 to 5

David Barlow as Kelly in The Cell. Photo: Neale Myers

Locked in emotion

Rosie Panter reviews The Cell at the Bolton Octagon, one of the new plays showcased in Manchester’s 24:7 Festival

The Alchemystorium at The Studio, The Lowry. Photo: The Lowry

Nothing to say about something

Robbie Davidson reviews The Alchemystorium at The Lowry Theatre


Why I Love/Why I Hate

Claire Duffell and Holly Marshall-De Angelis tell us all about their favourite and least favourite musicals

The Mousetrap, whose 60-year performance anniversary is celebrated this year

Must see this week in Theatre: 22nd October-29th October

Josephine Lane previews theatre in Manchester for the week ahead.

Borderline Vultures. Photo: Christopher Matic

Bordering on insanity?

Harriet Leitch reviews new 360-degree theatrical experience ‘Borderline Vultures’, organised through the Lowry Theatre.

The Pink Ladies in Grease: The Musical. Photo: Paul Coltas

Grease is the word… of the past

Jessie Cohen reviews touring musical Grease after its stop-off at the Palace Theatre last week.

A scene from one of the JB Shorts. Photo: Braínne Edge

Manchester’s finest at Joshua Brooks

Helen McCarthy reviews some of the JB Shorts at Joshua Brooks

Macbeth's Witches: A Director's Dream

Why I Love/Why I Hate

Helen McCarthy reveals more of her theatrical loves and hates. Her subject this week: witches.


Must See This Week In Theatre: 15th October-22nd October

The best of theatre for the week ahead.