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Live: Boys Noize Record Party @ Warehouse Project

3.5 Stars

If God was a DJ, he’d almost certainly have played at Warehouse Project.

But in the absence of any real divinity, it was headline DJ Boys Noize (a.k.a. Alexander Ridha) who was the subject of worship in the temple-like space beneath Piccadilly train station last Friday night. Continuing seamlessly from Fake Blood’s hour-long set of familiar mash-ups and unreleased remixes, his insatiable electro beats and impeccable mastery of the drop appeared to provide a near-numinous experience for many at the front.

Lesser-known DJs in the ‘other room’ failed to make much of an impression or draw people away from the main stage, the consensus being that for anybody needing a well-earned break from the incessant sonic abuse that was Boys Noize’s set, more of the same just wasn’t appropriate.

Many aspects of a night at Warehouse Project go without saying: profuse levels of sweating that would put an Olympic athlete to shame, the scrum involved in making your way to the portaloos (and the obligatory encounters with other worse-for-ware revelers in queue for said portaloos), and the surreal experience of catching the first bus home at five in the morning. However, this all adds to the overall experience, and with music as good as this, few would have had reason to complain.

Eoghan Bennett, Music Editor

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